Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dundee is amazing.

Dundonian journalist Lesley Riddoch wrote recently in her blog  Another Side of Lesley Riddoch

“In their time Dundonians have elected Winston Churchill and the last Communist MP. So contrariness is in with the bricks. So is a stubborn modesty. The late songwriter Michael Marra described Dundonians as Glaswegians who listen. Locals won’t shout about Dundee — even though the city is overflowing with superlatives. It is Scotland’s life science hub, and boasts Britain’s most internationally cited scientists. Dundee University, worked with Ninewells Hospital to bring Britain’s best biomedical researchers to the city. And students of Scotland’s best art college (Duncan of Jordanstone) cross fertilised with the city’s powerful visual culture, and Sinclair PCs to create a digital entertainment industry with £100million annual turnover. The Dundee Courier’s circulation is just below the Herald and P&J and above the Scotsman. Abertay and Dundee Universities have been voted the most popular in Britain – never mind Scotland, Dundee City Council was awarded the best promotional strategy in Europe in 2004. The city houses the only urban wind turbines in Britain and with two thirds of its housing stock facing south – it’s gearing up to switch to solar energy for domestic heating and has just won a COSLA Excellence for cutting tenants heating bills with district heating schemes. According to Mike Galloway, “Dundee is small enough to get good ideas adopted fast but big enough to feel lively.” Or, as the Scotsman’s George Kerevan puts it, “Dundee has produced an entrepreneurial revolution of its own,” – competing with established centres through ideas, innovation …. and a stunning natural environment.”

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