Sunday, September 15, 2013

"Believe in yourself the rest is up to me and you" - TLC 'waterfalls'

Seemingly sure minded people are both frustrating and ridiculous. Why exclaim a belief if you truly believe it? would you not have absolute faith in its "truth" and expect ultimately everyone else would admit it's undeniability? Therefore in proclaiming this truth you are, in your own eyes,  stating the obvious ?
But no, perhaps you are aware not all agree.
Do you harbor doubt?
Do you require me to challenge your perspective to allow for self soothing under the useful and self righteous guise of spreading your belief?
Have you considered the inbuilt prerequisite for sharing a believe system with others( such as missionaries for religion ) is specifically designed to iron out wrinkles of doubt by reinforcing systems of thought in its believers as well as share their doctrine with the uninitiated through simple reliable repetition? Like learning multiplication tables?
The viral or parasitic qualities of belief systems are widely regarded as the building blocks of learning. Familiar and repetitive ideologies are most intrinsically linked to how we as a species survive. Clinical psychology relates that synaptic pathways (ways of thought) are formed through repetition, We need faith in collective truth for everything in the everyday (I believe the sky will not fall down so I will go outside). I believe what I perceive as the color green is also what you perceive as the colour green.
Frustration between collective "truths" is inevitable.
Social patterns with regards to morality, right and wrong, are in a state of continual flux.  Fundamental judgement in what categorizes behaviours we agree with and those we do not come from the individual. The individual is inevitably influenced by their own development and experiences also. Beliefs or what I have referred to as "personal truths" come from reaffirmation; repetition of experience and affirmation by other individuals: "God saved me too"
Would you believe that this collection of sprawling thoughts evolved out of a frustration regarding a weather forecast?
A colleague relayed to me "tomorrow there will be Gale force winds, 50mph"
I was momentarily dumbfounded. In the United kingdom we do speak about the weather with a kind a reassurance that there will be some "weather" whatever the specifics are. But this was different, this male colleague in his early 60s had just claimed the impossible. He stated forecast as fact. He believed.
Now I understand the consequences of being wrong about future weather are rarely life changing but I couldn't help but bite. " you don't know that it might be sunny"
Colleague (resolution mounting)  "that's what they said, Gale force no doubt "
Accepting that this bloke was ever so slightly enjoying the spectacle that Gale force winds lashing on Dundee provided in his mind, his certainty and undeniable misery revelry frustrated me.
Later he said something about staffy dogs needing rescued,all having been previously owned by drug dealers. I bit again exclaiming that a friend of mine had enjoyed Staffordshire bull terriers as family pets all her life.
We can't help ourselves. I am more than happy to spout off my own self righteous beliefs when I witness an opinion I deem as pointlessly negative or stereotypical unjust.
In my own way I share my sureness with another.
Sure minded people (such as me) are both frustrating and ridiculous.

(turns out it is 23mph winds, is that a gale?)

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