Saturday, July 27, 2013

Past Significant others


Dave Crowe
Drew Cunningham
Colin MacGregor
Mark Peel
Andrew Elder
Dave McClelland

We went out for:

about a year
like 18 months?
2 years ish
18 months ish
4 years spanning a decade
1 year and then again for a few months.

We broke up like this:

just friends
scary mess
just friends
scary mess

We are now like this:

civil - no hard feelings
friendly - cool dudes
civil - no contact
friendly - cool dudes
friends - nothing changes
enemies - may god smite him in a firey pit of karma

Things I identify with them:

silver VW golfs and battlestar galactica
chilli pasta and cocktail fountains
pub kitchen smell and peanut soup
Noise music and alcoholism
bad anime and the band Placebo

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What did Dave do to make you so angry? What makes him the worst out of the bunch?'