Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Working on it

So I'm not sure how it happened again but Christmas season is upon us.
This means full steam ahead for crafting and focusing on www.StarryeyedCrafts.com, my beautiful part time craft store which has recently been feeling little left out due to my boring work constraints and exciting art practice related projects.

I was approached by inspirational artist Paola McClure   (she liked my work at WestFest) to take part in the McManus' speed crafting and fashion sale event as part of the 100 years of fashion photography exhibition currently showing.
I instantly agreed and was ecstatic after attending our first meeting to discover I would be presenting my speed crafting alongside the terrific Zoe Venditozzi and Jill Skulina of Two Dolls fame. The event is due to take place on the 1st and 2nd of December 2012 at the galleries. Come along from 10am for a great fun event, there's plenty of activities planned for young and old and those in-between, and that guy over there , and you. *points at your face*.

I have a chunky to-do list including how-to sheets for the speed crafting event I mentioned. As always StarryEyedCrafts will be invoking our inner green goddesses (or some other nonsense) and focusing on recycled jewellery and accessories.

All how-to's will be made available through SeC website as soon as they are scrawled out and my terrible handwriting is replaced with something legible and useful.
The crafts I am facilitating are: 
  1. Military style rosette brooch pins made from recycled bottle tops, images /text from books/newspapers and fabric/ribbon scraps.
  2. Fabric rose cuffs from old t-shirts/ ties and buttons/beads.
  3. Fascinator/hair band/hair clips from laminated magazine cuttings and wool. 
In the mean time things we need to collect for speed crafting include neckties, safety pins, kirby grips, bottle tops, buttons ribbon and t-shirts. If you can donate one item to our bits boxes dotted round town in the next few weeks, we can process it for use at the event and that would be amazing, also if you happen to be local to the Dundee area we can collect! Updates on Bits boxes to be confirmed but Tin Roof and Wasps studios should have them as well as the DCA Hurrah!

my somewhereto_ commitments have been light of late so I'm looking to develop some ideas for early next year as apposed to trying to fling something together before then. I'm a bit busy! In the mean time if you'd like to get on board with somewhereto_ in Dundee just nip over to the website to see what it's all about and volunteer or just message me on here and I can point you in the right direction.

As I write, my fantastic fiance Andy herd of www.pandyland.net is designing our family friendly Christmas card which I will happily share online once it's been printed and distributed accordingly. Top class art obviously...

Let's see what else.... no I think that's it!

L x

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