Thursday, November 01, 2012

ShorCUTS a somewhereto_ film-making project 2012

So somewhereto_ a charity that I volunteer for have asked me to write a blog for their website about the film making project we just completed in Dundee.

Then it occurred to me, I need to write a blog post of my own first.

Prior to the project screening on the 12th of October, I had thought of little else but the needs of the project for over 6 months. As the weeks rolled by we experienced some very real challenges and in turn, some serious successes.  We had a well attended launch party at the Hannah MacLure centre, then a film pitch party at Tin Roof. The Facebook group was growing, networking became more organic and less orchestrated and film teams and their projects sparked. As our confidence as a group, our strength as a network and as event organizers grew I could see the project coming together but I could never shake the feeling of responsibility anxiety; Thinking of all of the young people with their hopes and ideas and the professionals volunteering their time and energy, it was un-nerving that these people were relying on the organizers (Lauren McCorkindale(me), Claire Dufour, Dylan Drummond and Stephen Grant) to deliver what we had set out to do back in May 2012; to facilitate film making for 16-25 year olds, team them with experienced mentors and show their films in a celebration of youth film-making in Dundee.
But my fears were unfounded. The issues that seemed impossibly complicated whilst in the thick of it were handled beautifully by the team and even at the last minute when some of the details of the productions became unstuck people power came to the rescue with a metaphorical pritt stick.

I am unable to express the pride I feel for the project and what we accomplished. We made up for our naivety and meager funding with the passion, faith and generosity of all those involved. From the donation of costumes, to the equipment hire, from the catering to the venue donations every single person connected to ShortCUTS project can feel proud for their contribution whether it was mentoring a young film maker and their team to complete a film or simply liking our facebook page. Thank you and see you next year!

Images used with permission from: peapod photography, Dylan Drummond, Mr Drew Photography,  Stephen Grant, Lauren McCorkindale, Chris Scott. not to be reproduced without prior consent from said parties. credit and copyright 2012

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