Saturday, August 11, 2012

I am god and so are you.

This is a short piece of Thoughtspawn on why I am god, and so are you.

I fully acknowledge the age old debate of whether altruism exists.
I firmly believe it that it does not.
Whilst I do harbor a deep rooted positive perspective on the true nature of human beings I strive to remain logical when looking at my own experiences and the rewards that you will receive through charitable acts, these come to you because you have acted, because you wanted to act, because you believe in what you are doing; your act positively effects your perception of the world immediately around you and therefore will benefit your existence.

Volunteering is something I am proud to say I have always been enthusiastic about. I find it hard to explain exactly how much satisfaction I feel when I accomplish something without receiving monetary payment. I make that specification ( monetary ) because I feel entirely paid for my efforts in other ways.

You give these gifts to yourself. You choose to give time and attention, hard work and enthusiasm and you give these attributes to yourself by being the person who is attentive, hardworking and enthusiastic.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Ghandi

Your perspective on the world around you is the single most important project you will ever work on. "Who can I be/ what am I capable of?" Is in turn the single most difficult question to ask, and I truly believe will never be answered even after death.

You are in fact responsible for your own feelings.You will react in different ways to changes to your world, your reactions are carved through experiences of what is right and wrong, what is expected and what is acceptable through societal restraints. Your feelings are evidence that you are alive.
Suggesting this to people and in turn the gravitas of this realization can effect people in strange ways. I'll give you a personal example;

When I was a teenager, agonizing over a heart breaking situation and feeling so overwhelmed with emotion that I could no longer find the will to function my mother told me

" You alone are responsible for your own feelings".

I could have slapped her.
How could I be responsible for how I feel?
Outside forces were to blame for the upset, I thought she was inferring that I was being over emotional, or worse that she thought I had somehow brought this hurt on myself.

Of course she didn't mean any of that at all.
What she meant was that after the initial shock, I had a choice of how to feel and how to act.
She meant that I had the choice to let the anger and frustration taint my perception of the world/who I was, or I could forgive myself for feeling hurt (down pride, DOWN!) and try to forgive the others who had acted.

I have the choice of how to see myself.
I have the choice to perceive greatness or horror or apathy or everything or nothing in the world.
You can choose to perceive shapes in the clouds or you can choose to moan about the rain.
You create the world you live in.
I am god and so are you.


Jess said...

what great blog! Ive had similar thoughts before but its always good to be reminded that they still hold true. Thanks Lauren!

Anonymous said...

Darling girl, so proud of you! xx