Friday, June 15, 2012

ShortCUTS to free film making a somewhereto_ project in Dundee

Launch Event !

This is a summer long film making project, this event is the launch - ALL CREATIVES ARE INVITED TO GET INVOLVED.

Genre or type of film is up to you!

ShortCuts is designed to pair groups of less experienced creatives with professionals in the field of film making and facilitate the young persons (16-25*) ideas.

somewhereto_ has the clout for access to new and exciting places for you to access and film!

*directors are the only individuals within groups who MUST be 16-25.

Opportunity to develop skills in film-making
Experience/references to put in portfolio or show-reel
Explore and promote Dundee
Become part of a larger professional film-makers network
We have the power!

Working with YOU in a range of different settings on a range of different kinds of short film. Facilitating the action of film making whilst allowing the theme or narrative of the film to be dictated by the young Directors . The goal is to complete the filming in one day, editing and post production within 10 days with the aims for a screening in the Dundee area shortly before the return of the scholastic term Sept 2012.

Facilitating, make it happen, giving an experience of filmmaking!
Supporting young people to produce short-films (between 3 and 5 minutes).
Eg: experimental, documentary, drama, music video, etc...

One mentor = tutor, person responsible for complete realisation of the short-film.
One director = young person (16/25-year-old) enthusiastic and committed to produce a short-film
Crew = Actors, camera operator, boom operators, sound technicians, make-up artist, special effect artist, etc...

3 stages to make a film :
pre-production = preparation of the workshop between the mentor and the director
production = workshop (one day, one place, one film)
post-production = by the mentor (and ideally with the director)

I would very much appreciate it if you could advertise this creative event in Dundee on your site so get sharing the image!

Many Thanks

somewhereto_ Volunteers Claire Dufour, Lauren McCorkindale, Dylan Drummond, Stephen Grant.

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