Saturday, February 11, 2012

Starryeyed Crafts does Roller derby

I've always been told off for using my body strength, rushing around or wearing my skates indoors, so naturally Roller Derby, to me, sounds like utter madness.

NOT SO, say young women across the UK!

There are already over 25 established teams in the UK and from the look of things the growth rate shows no sign of waning with teams popping up everywhere including our very own Dundee.

The Dundee Roller Girls have been kind enough to invite Starryeydcrafts to sell our cute kitsch accessories at their next roller derby bout against Fierce Valley Roller Girls on the 18th January at the Dundee International Sport center (D.I.S.C)

Click on the roller girl for event details.

Apparently, once you've seen it you're hooked, I can only hope, for the sake of my gammy knees and all others concerned, this is an exaggeration.

If your there, come and have a blether, milk no sugar :)

Lauren x

P.S here's a link to a good article on Roller Derby written by Hilary Osbourne for the Guardian.

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Frogged - Handmade Recycled Crafts said...

I wanna come!! damn living soo far away!