Saturday, November 19, 2011

musical reference nostalgia dj?

What's everyone's favourite crafty background noise? I'm using Lastfm loads at the moment, or I put on a dvd or something, when I was unemployed I used to watch jeremy kyle (guilty as charged) but back to the point - What do you listen to whilst crafting?

Do you get the sensation of the music when you look at certain items? I have this odd synesthesia type thing where I can look at a piece of jewellery I've made and I'll hear a certain song play, the band I had listened to alot while making it, or bit of a film script I had watched! It's a bit random, or maybe it's not maybe everyone gets it? I'm not sure.

Worst part is i wish my weird nostalgia dj in my head had any sense! I look at a particular paper bowl and hear Fleetwood Mac or sections of the script from High Fidelity!

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